St. Isidore's Parish, Perry NY
A Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, NY


Mass & Prayer Intentions

Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions are offered Monday through Sunday (except on Tuesdays) for a loved one, living or deceased.  A Mass card is provided for you to use in notifying the recipient or a family member of your intention.  The offering per Mass Intention is $15.   To arrange your special Mass intention, contact St. Isidore’s Parish Rectory Office at (585) 237-2625.

Prayer Petition

Please tell us your prayers … of praise, worship, thanksgiving, and petition.  

At St. Joseph’s Church, place your petition in the Divine Mercy Chapel prayer box located at the St. Joseph’s statue by the Main Altar of the church.   St. Isidore’s Divine Mercy prayer group will tend to these needs.    Or visit the small St. Mary’s Chapel Room and write your petition in the Adoration prayer binder.  These petitions will be presented on your behalf by those who participate in the monthly Adoration.      

At St. Mary’s Church, place your prayer petition in the collection basket or bring it to the Ministry Center.   Your special prayer request will be placed in the Adoration Chapel where people pray every Wednesday and Thursday.

Votive Candle

Both church sites of St. Isidore’s Parish have personal prayer votive candles.  The candles burn for five (5) days and the offering is $3.  At St. Mary’s, offerings may be placed in the donation box to the right of the Altar near the entrance to the Sacristy.  At St. Joseph’s, the votive candles and donation box are located at the foot of the large crucifix.